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Sunday, 3 February 2008

January Update

No, I haven't died ha ha - just been really busy! Honestly I can't wait until my vac work is over at the end of the month and I go back to uni - I need the holiday!

The reno from hell has been moving along, but not as fast as we would like. I haven't been over there for a few weeks now but do have some photos to post. To tell the truth, I am really put off by the builder's most recent fuck-up - the back door from the kitchen to the deck IS NOT LEVEL! I mean WTF???!!! How can you not install a door straight for Gods sake. So both Dallas and I are not happy Jan but because it has been nailed in, the builder can't remove it without totally damaging it. Apparently he has done something to make it look more even, but I haven't seen it since then so can't comment. His excuse was that because it is an old house, it is not square. Well derrrr! However this pathetic excuse dosn't explain the fact that the kitchen door is in the part of the house that he built from scratch so it should be bloody well square! Grrrrrrr.

It is not the only thing that is all wonky either. In the main bathroom the builder didn't install the door posts in line with each other - one is about 18mm out of line, so the waterproofer used these posts to line up his metal thingy that holds the tilebed, which is not straight, which means the tiles at the door had to be cut all crooked and it's quite obvious. Double grrrrrrr! Honestly, are there any tradesmen around these days that actually do a half decent job and measure things properly before they install things? My guess is no.

The third gripe is about the kitchen installers. Instead of measuring properly (surprise surprise) they just installed the kitchen units flush against the wall, which is not square (it is one of the original internal walls) so when the stonemason went to measure for the benchtop he basically stated that no way was he going to install a benchtop while the cabinets were all out of line. So we had to get the kitchen installers back in to re-install the cabinets so the fronts were in line, not the backs, and hopefully this has all been done and the stonemason has measured for the benchtop and maybe if we are really lucky it is getting made right now to be installed next week! Phew.

Anyway, here are the most recent photos.

The tiles in the main bathroom. So obviously out of whack. Well, the tiles are straight, but the doorway isn't. Absolutely nothing we can do about it now either.

One side of the kitchen. Dallas is also annoyed that the top of the fridge space is white, and not the same as the cabinets. Apparently it is very obvious. He has a bit of left over panel that he is going to get a cabinet-maker to install so the fridge space looks like the rest of it. Also, Kitchen Connection "forgot" to order the glass door for the microwave cabinet, so we are waiting for that.

The second part of the kitchen where the sink and dishwasher will go. They should all be straightened out by now, hopefully!

The kitchen door - currently about as straight as a dog's hind leg. I have no idea what the builder can do to "fix" it but no way will it be a job well done. Maybe they'll reinstall the cornice on all crooked as well so it's not so obvious.

Some photos of the ensuite bathroom and marble freize. It turned out really well, probably because the tiler is a mate of Dallas's and actually does good work.

Anyway, that's it for now. A whole lot of boring things are happening as well eg gas and stormwater getting connected (whole road had to be dug up for that ha ha!). Plastering is being finished and internal painting will start soon. We (I) picked a neutral wall colour called White Shadow (Wattyl colour) which is a very pale pinky brown to compliment the tiles, carpet and timber floor. We are thinking of doing a feature wall but can't figure out a colour just yet - I'm leaning to a dark browny-red but who knows. Also thinking about doing a very big desert scene in oils (approx 6ft x 4ft) to hang on this wall as well. Framed by deep red it should look good.

Once the carpet is laid in the bedrooms and the walls are painted, the floors will be sanded and polished. Estimated date of us moving back in is early March - right when I go back to uni... good timing huh?


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