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Friday, 28 December 2007

Two more paintings

My office has pretty much shut down over the Xmas break so I've knocked up two quick beach paintings in my spare time when not doing the Christmas thing.

This is Dallas on the beach at Broadbeach looking south towards Coolangatta from a pic taken earlier this year when we took a day trip to the Gold Coast. Done on watercolour canvas - not an experience I will undertake again. Not only is it rather expensive, but it is difficult to use and the colour lifts off way to easily making it hard to use multi layers of glazes. Finished last week.

I was inspired to drag out some old holiday snaps from our trip to Tassie last year. This is Wineglass Bay from the Hazards Lookout on the eastern coast of Tassie. A truly beautiful part of the world. Finished today.

Anyway, I'll probably do a heap more before I go back to work on Jan 2 since it is raining non-stop at the moment due to a low off the coast that will miraculously disappear as soon as my holidays are over. I was hoping to take a day trip to Moreton Island and get some more pics of the beach and wrecks for some paintings, but that is unlikely since there is no point if it is not nice and sunny. At least Xmas day was partly sunny - enough to drive to Manly and spend it eating huge prawns by the "beach".


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I really like your perspective in the first painting. The color adds to the overall "light" feeling of this piece. Beautiful work. art

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