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Sunday, 9 December 2007

Two new paintings

The Beachwalker - Brooms Head.

This is actually my darling other half painted from one of the pics I took on our short break last summer. There was a bit of an afternoon change coming through which made a dramatic backdrop to the afternoon sun. My favourite part of this painting is the sparkles on the water which turned out surprisingly well I thought. Much better than expected anyway.


This is a quick painting I did this afternoon from a photo reference on WetCanvas. Every month there is an invitation to paint a scene from somewhere in the world, and this one is a springhouse (whatever that is) in Lancaster P.A. Not a scene I would normally choose to paint - way too much bright green foliage and a distinct lack of red desert sand or ocean. The point is to get outside your comfort zone, so in that regard I was successful. Not so much in regards to the actual quality of work though...


Anonymous said...

I really like these two Kitty, your watercolours are coming along the top one, it has a really nice serene feel to it.

Kitty said...

Thanks so much pencilwizard - I like the top one better as well. I much prefer to paint from my own photos because I have experienced the reality of the scene, not just as a photo. I remember it was a lovely, hot day and yes it was very relaxing and serene.

sue said...

I love the beachwalker - it is so peaceful and calming. I would like to know what he was thinking during that bare foot walk.

Beaches and Oceans are one of my favorite things to paint !

Kitty said...

Thanks Sue, I love painting beaches too although I always find the water a challenge.

I'm not sure what he was thinking but it was such a gorgeous day they could only be happy thoughts!

Anonymous said...

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fine art said...

Walking by the beach on barefoot is what I need now a days. Just looking at your painting Beachwalker gave me already a feeling of peacefullness.

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