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Monday, 10 December 2007

Reno Update - Week 3026

Well, that's what it feels like anyway ;-D

Actually, quite a bit has been done in the past few weeks since my last post. The painters got most of the job done before they had to move on to another job. Unfortunately they won't be back now until February. We got them to make sure the front and top story were pretty much done since they needed the scaffolding to do it, and it was removed last weekend. There are still some parts that need weatherboards too, so of course those bits weren't painted.

The front all painted, well except for one wall in the verandah which hasn't been competely boarded up yet. It looks so much better now all the scaffolding has been removed.

The downstairs living room and the entrance hall. All of the granny flat has finally been gyprocked and is much lighter than it was. The internal staircase will be installed next week and will lead up from a doorway just near the front wires sticking out the wall.

Upstairs looking towards the front door from the back deck. The ceiling has all been finished today. The staircase will be where the floorboards have been removed to where the left wall is. Looking forward to having it finally installed.

The main bedroom looking towards the front window and the new walk-in-robe. The ensuite is just to the right.

Saturday was spent choosing tiles, carpet for the bedrooms and interior paint colours. I decided (note the "I") that the upstairs bathrooms will have chocolate floor tiles and a dark brown marble mosaic frieze which dosn't end up being very expensive at all. The vanities Dallas has baught are all white. We also decided on a chocolate brown plush pile carpet for the bedrooms which goes quite well with most floor colours so shouldn't clash with the rosewood floors. Interior walls will be an off-white and we will pick a colour for a feature wall after the floor is laid, if we have a feature wall. I like them, but maybe they are becoming too dated? Not sure yet but the verdict is open at the moment. The downstairs bathroom will be dealt with later - we had to order the upstairs bathroom tiles in a hurry because our tiler has to start the job next Monday before he leaves for Xmas holidays.

Another last minute change that was made (my fault) is that instead of boring old bunker lights on the front verandah I suggested we have traditional coach lights. I walked past a house one evening last week and the coachlights all lit up looked so romantic and old fashioned classy I convinced Dallas we should have them instead. It meant doing a wee bit of moving around of electrical wires, but not a big job. The end effect will be much nicer I think.

At the moment we are sort of on schedule to move back in sometime in February. It won't be totally finished, but it will be about 95% done and what isn't done isn't really important anyway.


Anne said...

Wow. Hard to believe it is the same place!

Kitty said...

LOL - it's not really the same place at all. Only about 6% of the original building still stands I think.

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