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Sunday, 16 December 2007

The floor is down!

Woo Hoo! The part I have been waiting and waiting for, apart from the fitout of the kitchen and bathrooms of course. Our new rosewood floor was laid on Friday, and it looks good! The internal stairs are in as well, they were installed earlier in the week and last but not least, the deck railings went on during the week as well. Oh yeah - the wall of doors to the deck and the french door in the second bedroom were installed too. It was obviously a busy week for Michael (our builder) as he probably wants to get as much done before breaking for Xmas.

In other, less exciting news, the waterproofing for all three bathrooms has been laid - very stinky!!! and Pat our tiler will start tiling the top two bathrooms on Friday, because the floor tiles won't arrive from Sydney until Thursday. The wall tiles were delivered by yours truly yesterday, and I can tell you it is not fun unloading 15 boxes of tiles from the back of my Excell all by my little self. The poor Excell didn't think much of transporting that much weight in the back either.

Anyway, enough of the blather - lets see the pics!

Looking up from just inside the main entrance. The stairs are made of Kwila, which is a native timber from Indonesia/Malaysia. Hopefully not from illegal, rainforest logging though.

Looking down the stairs from the living area. This pic still shows the old floor of course. And yes, there will be a handrail and balustrade going in so I don't fall down the stairs in the middle of the night ha ha.

And now for the main event....

The new floor looking in from the upstairs front door, stairwell directly to the right. At the moment it is a pale pinky colour which will darken with age, and also slightly once it is sanded and polished. We are going for a satin finish instead of the usual high-gloss.

The kitchen - looking toward the back door and deck.

From the kitchen again, looking the other way towards the pantry. That wall in front is the only original interior wall still standing and the main bedroom is on the other side.

Looking toward the back, right corner of the house (where the original kitchen was). You can see the doors leading onto the deck and the doorway leads to the main bathroom and two smaller bedrooms.

Looking back towards the wall of doors (there are 5 in all). The kitchen is on the other side of that wall.

Just pics of the floor itself to show the colour and grain.

Looking in towards the front door from the deck. The room on the right is the main bedroom - you can just see the doorway near the stairs.

The deck complete with railings. Dallas chose a "lady's waist" stule of rail which is rounded on top, nipped in the middle and flat on the bottom. I wanted a flat railing so you could set your bevvy down anywhere on the deck without it spilling. We also chose a "tulip" pattern for the feature railings, which are bloody expensive at $7.00 each.

. And finally, the wall of doors from the outside. These will be left open most of the time we are home so we get the cool breezes all through the house, along with the flies and bugs. The thing is, outdoor living is pretty much essential in most places these days, so a house without an indoor/outdoor living area is pretty passe. Now if only it had an ocean view...

Anyway, thats all from the house for now. I don't expect much to be happening with it over the next few weeks due to Christmas / New Years apart from whatever they get completed over the next week eg finishing the plastering and cornices. The bathroom floors should be done by the end of the week, but I doubt the walls will be done before Pat goes on holidays. We'll see.


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