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Saturday, 17 November 2007

The Roof is Finally Finished!!!

Well I know it has been a loooonnnnnngggg time between posts, but over the last 2 - 3weeks nothing much has happened because it has been raining, raining and raining. In fact, as soon as parts of the old roof were peeled back so the carpenters could replace the trims and soffits, it started raining on and off - mostly in the mornings so the roofers didn't bother turning up. It is still raining now as I type and is forecast to keep raining all week (not that I care now the roof is on).

Anyway, because of the intermittent rain the roofers took 2 1/2 weeks to do a job that should have been done in 3 days. The granny flat flooded I don't know how many times and we had water pouring down the inside walls into the garage and granny flat. The roof was finally finished in the two fine days we had last week so it is finally all waterproof YAY! Even the deck roof is on!

It looks good too. The only worry is that right under the gables at the front of the house there is no barrier to stop Frank the Possum and his mates moving back in once the ceiling is sheeted so Dallas is thinking he will have to put some bird wire or something in to stop trespassers.

Another "small" issue that we have is that our large 10,000lt rain tank can only collect the run-off from the back portion of the roof + the deck. The whole front and kitchen side has to run off to the front of the house and get wasted. Our plumber specified that the gutters were to slope to the back corner of the house so most of the run off would collect at the back but apparently they weren't able to do that for some reason. Now it looks like the tank won't ever fill from our average rainfall measurements so we will probably still need to mainly rely on town water. Still, at least we have the capacity in case it does rain unusually heavily, but I just hate that so much run off will end up in the stormwater and not be used.

Pics of the old roof being removed. It stayed like this for two weeks while the roofers started on the back of the house so the builder could build the deck frame.

This pic shows where possums can get in to the roof space. Where the slopey roof meets the gutter above it there are big gaps under the eaves that need to be blocked up securely. Once possums get in it is a pain to get them out again and they are damn noisy during breeding season!

Anyway, I'm just glad that bit is over because now the builders can start gyprocking and putting walls up. It is still pretty hard to tell what the house will look like inside with just the studwork. The whole past few weeks has been mega stressful, especially when Dallas had to climb onto the roof and put tarps over what he could cover to keep as much dry as possible.

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