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Saturday, 17 November 2007

In other news...

Just a quick update on stuff other than the renovation from hell.

I finally had my last uni exam of the year yesterday, so I am free again. Well free until Monday when I start my summer vacation work at Rio Tinto. I'm a bit nervous about it, as one usually is when starting a new job. More so I think because I have absolutely next to 0 experience with occupational health and safety in a mining environment. Well, I suppose in reality I am working in Brisbane head office so it is not really a mining environment. But still nervous anyway. A few of my uni friends got work experience where they get to go on site - one at Burton Coal for Theiss and another at Goonyella mine for BMA Coal. I'm sort of jealous that I don't get to go anywhere, but there might be a site visit to a refinery or smelter even though it will be in my old hometown of Gladstone so yeah so exciting woo hoo.

In other other news now that I have had some free time I have started painting again, but get this I am dabbling in watercolours and not oils. Strange really because I never used to really like watercolours before but lately I have been getting pretty interested in all the lovely effects that can be achieved in watercolour that are just not possible with oil paints. There are a few other plusses to watercolour as well:

1. The paper is much cheaper than buying canvasses 2. Don't take up so much room to store 3. Can use coffee table or kitchen bench to work on so much more portable 4. No stinky turps 5. Much quicker drying time so I can finish a painting in only a few hours rather than a few weeks. 6. I love the way watercolours can be layered over the top of the previous colour much easier than you can with oil paints.

The one downside I can think of so far is that they are so much more expensive to buy than oil paints, but this is countered by the fact that you use so much less paint. So in the long run they are probably a lot more economical.

Anyway, here is my first attempt at watercolour. It is a picture taken in France from the WetCanvas website where they invite everyone to paint a scene. Very different from my usual subject matter - no bright sunshine or desert in sight. I enjoyed it heaps even though it was a challenge.

The colours are a bit duller in the photo than they are in real life. Also, I only have a limited palette at the moment. Now that I will be working in the city every day I can spend all my hard earned at Eckersleys and pick up more supplies as I need them. I'm using some of my new oil brushes that have not been used yet but obviously need to buy proper watercolour brushes and a whole lot of other "necessities" ;-D


Anonymous said...

Hey Kitty,
This little painting is super,especailly for your first time. I am not good with Watercolours either, but you can get some great effects with them.

Kitty said...

Thanks pencilwizard. It is a steep learning curve thats for sure. Heaps more fun than oil I reckon - and so much faster too!

Thanks for dropping by.