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Monday, 29 October 2007

Reno update - week 8 (I think)

The house is coming along nicely. Roof is off where the new kitchen, WIR and ensuite will go and hopefully these will be done this week and a new roof put on as it has been raining a bit. The back of the house has been taken out and the beams put it for the folding doors. So much nicer to walk right in off the deck instead of climbing through the old doorway which is mostly over a 13ft drop onto concrete! The scaffolding is all installed as well, so hopefully the new windows and boards will be done soon. At least most of the attractive aluminium sheeting has been taken away!

Front of the house showing new construction - the WIR will be at the front then the ensuite and the kitchen at the back.

The data cable and electrical cabling installed downstairs. The hub/patch panel or whatever it is will be situated under the internal stairs.

The left half of the doorway onto the deck - basically it will be a 5.2 metre wide wall of glass doors.

The right side also showing what will be the kitchen. There will be a seperate door from the kitchen onto the deck. We can see right into the neighbour's kitchen now ha ha, so no privacy for them anymore!

Looking out onto the back yard from the lounge room. Obviously the water tank won't be staying there. It was intended that the beams were to be steel, which would be much thinner but for some reason the builder ordered timber. Not sure yet how the centre beam will look once the ceiling is sheeted up but it dosn't look too bad. We are a little worried that it will hang too low and ruin the effect of the 12ft ceilings.

Looking out to the back yard from the kitchen. It seems quite narrow as the width of the doorway is how wide it will be between the counters. It looked so much wider on the plan.

Our growing pile of rubbish! There have been two full skips taken away so far and this is what is left. No doubt it will get even bigger.

Looking into the kitchen from the back deck. Nothing too exciting to see yet but stay tuned for when the kitchen gets installed - it will be a chef's dream!


lisa g. said...

ah, the reno photos!...these are something you'll cherish once things are done.

Kitty said...

Hi Lisa,

Once this is done we will look back on it and say "NEVER AGAIN!!!!" or "What were we thinking!!!"