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Saturday, 20 October 2007

Reno update week 7

Quite a bit has happened with the moneypit over the last 2 weeks. I've just been too busy to update the blog, and most of what has happened is not really photogenic anyway.

So anyway, firstly we have solved the floor problem. What we are going to do is carpet the 3 bedrooms and lay a new hardwood floor everywhere else. Bathrooms will be tiled of course so they don't count. We went to a floor place and as it turns out a new hardwood floor will cost an extra $10,000 or so to lay but it will look great! Dallas has chosen flooded gum also called rose gum which has a nice pinky colour and smooth grain so should look pretty swish. Unfortunately the staircase can't be made in flooded gum so it will be made from a similar timber that I don't know the name of but is also pinky/tan colour. Pic of what floor should look like below...

We also looked at a few vanities for the bathrooms but haven't made any firm decision on those yet. They all sort of look the same these days and I think we'll try to get a style that dosn't date too badly.

All the new doors and windows went in downstairs last week and they look great! Dallas was originally going to paint them white, but they look really nice so he'll probably leave them natural. The front door needs the glass changed as it is frosted and he ordered clear so if someone knocks on the door we can see who it is before we open it. Well I can anyway cause I won't open the door to strangers! Although when you think about it, the video-intercom unit will make it irrelevant anyway. I have pretty much decided that the downstairs living area will be our new computer room and my art studio. It is so nice and cool down there even with the windows shut and there is good light and plenty of room. Also it means that our bulky desks and ugly furniture won't need to be carted upstairs.

Finally, all the upstairs studwork has been installed so it is starting to look like what the plans show. This morning we went around figuring out where all the power and data points and light switches will go as Dallas is wiring them up himself (he is a licenced electrician so don't worry no dodgy electrical work being done). I reckon there will be close to 100 power points and light switches all up which would cost a fortune if we had to pay someone else to do it. The new decking boards have been installed and the front windows have been removed so the front verandah is taking shape as well. Its all getting very exciting now I can see what it will look like when finished and I'm all ready to start picking tile designs, paint colours and carpets...

Just some pics of the downstairs doors and windows. All the external chamferboards have been installed except where the old boards will be replaced. Basically downstairs is all built in now and ready for gyprock.

The main bathroom. This morning we pretty much totally redesigned it because what is drawn on the plans is not really practical in real life. The bath tub was supposed to go in the bay window with a seperate shower in the front corner but in reality this would not leave enough room for the vanity and shitter. So instead there will be a shower over bath and vanity where we have roughly marked out on the floor. The shitter will be in the bay window and there will be heaps of room for a clothes hamper and for mums to bathe the kiddies in the bathtub.

Internal studwork looking first from the back corner which will be the kitchen into the main bedroom and ensuite and part of the kitchen. The second pic shows the internal studwork from the front verandah.


Diva said...

This is such a big job! You are doing very well with it all. Love the floor timber - what a lovely colour it is!

My blog has moved now (no longer Diva Days) and you will find me at I hope to see you there soon!

Thanks for letting us follow the reno!

Kitty said...

Thanks for visiting Diva - it is a big job. I can't wait for it to be over so I can set up my studio again and start painting.