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Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Reno Update Week 5 - The Deck

The builders have done quite a bit of work on the back deck last week. In QLD's hot climate, a big deck is essential for relaxing and entertaining and this one is big - about the same size as the lounge room! These photos were taken on Sunday and show the progress during the previous week. Eventually there will be handrails of course and a roof but they will be done later on.

This pic is taken from inside the garage looking up. The deck is above the corrugated iron which had to be installed to keep the garage dry from any water that might get onto the deck and leak through. It won't be visible once the garage is completed.

This last pic shows how our previous builder stuffed up the height of the retaining wall. The deck was supposed to be supported by the retaining wall but it was a good 2 courses short so the builder had to stud it to the correct height.


Kim said...

wow Kitty
it's coming along so fast !!!!
the deck looks great......just in time for summer :)

Kitty said...

You're not wrong Kim! It will be a fabulous place to entertain and just relax with beers on a hot summer evening. Of course, we will need to get the garden looking nice...