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Saturday, 29 September 2007

Reno Update Week 4

Well the builders have been working hard this past week. Already they have got all the formwork up downstairs and there is a clear bathroom, bedroom/study and living area besides the hallway/laundry area that was already up. Almost half of the exterior weatherboards are on as well as interior sheeting so it really is looking good. They reckon they will have it all locked up downstairs by mid next week and then they will start on the deck because they won't be able to do any more on the granny flat until our plumber gets the bathroom fitted out.

Here are some photos I took yesterday.

The garage and downstairs granny flat.

The front entry door - there will be an internal staircase. The granny flat will have timber french doors opening onto the patio.

Some internal formwork - looking into what will be the downstairs bathroom at the back of the house.

The weatherboards going up on the side of the house. These are properly chamfered boards - not the MDF weatherboard panels you see in many QLDer renovations these days.

Looking out from the granny flat living area into the front yard.

We found out yesterday that it is very unlikely that we will be able to have polished floors upstairs because the original floorboards are in mostly really bad condition. We are still hoping that at least the main bedroom and heavy use areas such as hallways etc will be polished floors but the lounge/dining and smaller bedrooms will probably need to be carpeted. Here are some shots of what we are working with upstairs.

Floorboards - I'm not sure how old they are but they have seen plenty of wear and tear. The original house had these wide oregon floorboards that would have come up a gorgeous golden honey colour while the sleep-out and front verandah had thinner hardwood boards shown below.

The two pics above are of what used to be the sleep-out and original bathroom. More recently it was our ensuite and the second bedroom + ensuite. Eventually it will be an ensuite and walk in robe and the back half will be the new kitchen, so these boards will end up tiled anyway.

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