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Sunday, 16 September 2007

Reno update week 2

Poor Dallas has been working his little butt off at the Raff Ave house this past week stripping the 70's renovation back to the original house so the builder can start work next week. Basically a lot of long long days. I haven't been over to see it yet but once it is all cleaned up today I might mosey on over and do the weekly grocery shop while I'm there. Today the chore is to wash down the inside of the walls, mop the floors etc to get rid of every last bit of asbestos dust so it is safe for someone to go in without a CSI suit and respirator.

Here are some updated photos. The original veejay boards will all be gyprocked over otherwise it would cost an absolute fortune in No-More-Gaps and paint to restore them.

Looking into what used to be the kitchen from the dining room

Looking into the dining room from the kitchen. The room at the far end was the original bathroom but more recently my walk-in robe. All the walls in these two photos will be removed as the kitchen will be relocated.

The kitchen again looking at the side wall where the stove used to be and a previous window that had been covered up. There will be a second bedroom where the kitchen is now.

This shot was taken from where our computer desks used to be looking toward the back wall of the lounge room. The TV was set up along this wall. Note the original fretwork above the door, a common feature in Queenslanders - unfortunately we won't be keeping any of these original bits due to noise/light factors. Note also the sag in the ceiling beam - the beam running vertical along the back wall also bows out quite a bit - a wonder the roof didn't fall in!

Both second bedrooms will be located along this wall with a bathroom in between.

Looking into the main bedroom where the robe used to be and into the ensuite. The faux bricks aren't able to be removed as they are solidly glued onto the veejay boards. They will be gyprocked over so that particular wall will be a solid 5cm thick or so.

Looking toward the front corner of the house where our desks were situated. It is quite obvious here how the previous owner Frank the Crazy German moved a lot of walls to create one huge room. This front section will be restored to its original status as a verandah. The back wall where the bedrooms will be had been totally stripped of veejays and only the outer chamfer boards remain.

Those bags are full of fibreglass insulation - apparently every wall as well as the roof was insulated. Didn't do a damn thing to keep out the summer heat or traffic noise though...

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