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Sunday, 5 August 2007

Personality Tests

I was browsing a couple of blogs today and noticed that there are a few personality test widgets making their way around the blogosphere. A few days ago, I had to take an online personality test as part of my Rio Tinto application, which was not fun at all, so I thought I would give these fun ones a go as well. I have taken psych tests before at my old work and the results of these are pretty much the same - I am still the world's biggest introvert I think ha ha. Anyway, I will post them up here for a bit of fun.

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This one is a version of the good old Myers Briggs type indicator along with a multiple intelligence test, which I've never taken before. The results are pretty interesting - my top career matches are things like conservationalist, animal trainer, geologist, ecologist, marine biologist etc etc which are all jobs I would love to have! Artist, architect and psychologist are up there as well. Too late to change careers now though...

This next one says I'm a cautions leader with very high authoritarianism, very high agency, very high masculinity and very high confidence. Scroll over the coloured bar to find out more about me...

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Kim said...

yeah I'm addicted to them Kitty
I am an independent creator haha....but I'm not too empathetic..:{