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Sunday, 15 July 2007

Portrait - WIP6

Not much progress this week - I've been fighting off a headcold and not feeling all that great. A runny nose and sore throat are not conducive to artistic inspiration. The little bit of work I did do was done earlier in the week. I hoped I would be feeling well enough this weekend to add to it before posting, but I don't, so this will be it for this week.

I'm quite happy with the skin tones of my boyfriend's portrait, but I can't get the eyes quite right. No matter what I do, they just don't seem to be focused on the viewer. Even adding a slight reflection onto the surface of the eye does not work. If anyone (Kim!!!) has any ideas on tricks to make it look like the subject is focussing on the viewer it would be greatly appreciated! Other than that, I don't have any major dramas outstanding. Hopefully I will be able to start on my portrait during the week if I feel better and have a day or two off work.

Had a little fiddle with his eyes again and by widening them slightly he now looks more focussed I think. What do you think? The skin tones were done by applying a very turpsy glaze of Pilbara Red over the areas I wanted redder and then removing with a clean cloth, reapplying and removing etc etc until I got it just right. The beard area was done in the same fashion with a mix of prussian blue and burnt umber.

Anyway, that's it for this week. I've got to start getting my tax in order so I have enough money to see me through the next semester of uni!

Oh yeah, I delivered Ormiston Gorge and Mereenie Loop Track to the RNA stewards today, and got a very positive comment from the lady collecting the paintings. Most of the people delivering paintings were older, say in the 50+ age group with most of the paintings I could see being traditional landscapes and still-lifes and such so I don't know what the competition will be like seeing it is an agricultural show and not a painting show as such. I don't care if I win a prize or not, but I would love to sell them! I'll have to fork out the $25.00 entry fee to the Ekka and have a look around this year.


Kim said...

Looking good Kitty !!!!...the beard looks great.....the whites of the eyes could be a touch too light....and perhaps a little modelling on the inside of the eyes near the nose to set the eyes back.....the pupil can be black with a tiny spot of prussian blue in the centre to give more depth.....and the iris is usually lighter in value on the side that the light source is coming from....
I hope you are feeling better soon....

Sailor Girl said...

I'm sorry for not giving any news for ages!!!

Yesterday I posted at Atlântico Azul a poster regarding my own private Race!!! YES! The Race of Atlantic Blue!!

Please do come vist us in Portugal! It's not THAT far away... lol!!!

Love, from Sunny Lisbon!!!

Kitty said...

Thanks for your helpful tips Kim. I agree that the eyes are way too light and I will darken the whole eye area with grey glazes. The problem I am facing is that the light source is from behind and the left so the eyes are not really getting any light at all.