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Sunday, 24 June 2007

Portrait - WIP3

So this is what I have done today since my last post. This photo shows the detail in the background I mentioned in my last post. The grey I used is a mix of burnt umber, prussian blue and titanium white which are also the main colours used in the background landscape.

I'm actually quite happy with it so far, which is totally unexpected! Of course there are lots of things I want to fix in the next stage eg my dopey looking eye, which is too small and my skin tone which needs all over lightening. My ear looks too small too, so that will be tweaked. If only it were that easy to fix defects in real life LOL. The next stage will be a lot of lightening and highlights added to the grisaille before starting the glazing. Hopefully I will finish this before uni starts up again at the end of July.


Kim said...

Looking very good Kitty !!!!
It has a nice minimalist feel to it.....and the features are subtle.....this works very well at this stage......lots of cool values......good luck with the colour

lisa g. said...

off to a good start...