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Monday, 18 June 2007

I'm Free I'm Free!!!!

Halleluja! Finally finished my exams on Saturday afternoon and now I have absolutely no committments. For the first time in months there is nothing I HAVE to do each day, I can do whatever I like without feeling guilty or stressed. Yay! It is like I am finally having a weekend after 15 weeks of working non-stop, because as a full time student that is what I do - non-stop uni work all day every day Monday to Sunday. Now I have 5 weeks of freedom to relax and recoup my energy for next semester.

Anyway, I think I did OK in 2 of my final 3 exams, not so sure about the Government exam but I am past caring about that particular subject. So what did I do yesterday on my first day of freedom? Cleaned the house of course! Do you have any idea of what comes out of 20 year old carpet when it is not vacuumed for a few months? Well you don't want to know! Trust me.

I'm hoping to start a new painting soon, but as yet I don't have any inspiration, so you'll all have to be patient for the meantime. I do want to try a portrait in grisaille though, so that might be what I tackle next.


Anne said...

Yay! Missed you while you were gone!

Kim said...

glad to hear that your exams are finished house ha ...I can relate to that !!!!

Kitty said...

Awww thanks Anne, that is such a lovely thing to say! It is good to be back!