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Saturday, 12 May 2007


Latest update. Started blocking in the vegetation which will end up being a lot lighter than this. Also, I've changed the foreground a bit to make it look like the viewer is a lot higher than in the reference photo where the road is flat. Not too much more to do on this one, just some detail on the vegetation and road in the foreground and it is all over red rover!

I have also started work on my next piece which will be a painting of Ormiston Gorge, also in the Northern Territory. I'll post about that one seperately though.


Kim said...

hi Kitty
I like the contrast between the blues and red...looks great!!!!

Your next painting is looking quite abstract and loose...what size is it????

Kitty said...

Thanks again Kim. I'm trying to have the vibrant red in the foreground lead to the cooler blues in the distance, with the middle section being mainly green tones.

My next painting is in fact the biggest (in height) I have done yet, being 24" x 24" and not fitting on my little tabletop easle. I'm having to work flat with this, which may encourage me to loosen up a bit.

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