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Tuesday, 8 May 2007


Another update! I'm powering along with this one - might even be finished by next week at this rate! I don't know why, but I am finding that my paint is drying really quickly of late. I last worked on this last night, and today it was pretty much touch dry, and these are oil paints. I might let it stand for a few days to really dry off properly before the next stage though. The foreground and road are a mix of AAS Pilbara Red, Australian Red Gold and Zinc white if anyone is interested. It looks a lot redder in this photo than in real life though. I will use these colours mixed with the prussian and cerulean blues to make my greens when I do the foliage, so that all the colours are harmonious.


Kim said...

hi Kitty
lovely effect with the red can almost see it settling...those Australian oil colours are great....I'm a big fan too...zinc white is great for fast drying too...I'm still waiting for the titanium white to dry on my son's portrait drat!!!

Kitty said...

Yeah, I love the Aussie colours. Aust Red Gold is my favourite and I use it in nearly every painting - never use common colours at all anymore! I used titanium white in the sky, and it did take an extra day to dry than the zinc white. I have heard that cooler weather slows the drying time of oils though - maybe a hairdryer would speed things up?

Kim said...

I have tried a hairdryer once and it worked on a final glaze on a painting I was entering in a comp the next stressful though as I didn't know what would happen.....but it didn't damage the work....this cooler weather and the damp can be a pain!!!