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Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Ten things I have accomplished

Let me start this week by saying, I have not accomplished 10 things of any noteworthyness, so this will be a short list.

1. Not getting knocked up while still at high school like all my friends

2. Playing representative ice-hockey at state level.

3. Getting my previous job as a corporate HR advisor without any prior experience or qualifications. I really impressed them while doing some temping and they asked me to stay. This job turned my life around.

4. Becoming a property/share investor and building wealth in recent years after spending my life in casual and temporary work, living week to week and spending all my money on good times and going out.

5. Not letting my wealth turn me into a greedy, selfish arse who dosn't give a damn about less fortunate people.

6. Getting into a commerce degree as a mature age student after a less than successful high school career. I got a pretty bad TE score which really limited my future job and study prospects at the time.

7. Maintaining and keeping a great relationship with a fantastic bloke for almost 4 years now. A personal record!

I can't think of any others at the moment, but if I do, I'll add them.


Kim said...

congratulations Kitty...pretty noteworthy list...and the personal record....terrific!!!!

Kuka Girl said...

YES! Portugal is the 5th major visitor of this spectacular blogue!!! Kisses from Sailor Girl and an Auf Auf Auf from me!!!

JennieBoo said...

Well, I'm proud of your accomplishments! I wish I could say things like that about my life!

See ya next week, if not before!


Hootin'Anni said...

Are you kiddin' me? This list is terrific.

Mine's posted

Patois said...

I love your personal record! Great list.

Frances said...

You've accomplished quite a bit.
Congrats on that commerce degree.
Mine is up.
I don't have ten either.
Have a marvelous week,

Julia said...

Congrats to you on all your accomplishments! You know I managed to do the same with #1, #5 and just happy with myself *grin*

Thanks for visiting my blog, Happy Ten on Tuesday! :)

Aunt Babz said...

Personally, I think these are the best and most note worthy accomplishments. You do yourself, disservice by thinking any other way. Allow yourself to shine!

Kitty said...

Thanks for all your comments everyone! I don't think my accomplishments are very important in the whole scheme of things though. Of all of them, the relationship is the only one I have really worked at - the others just happened by chance or luck.

All you mums out there have accomplished so much more than I ever will - so kudos to you all!

Sorry I haven't visited all your blogs this week - so busy with exam study I have no time hardly to even write this!