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Thursday, 24 May 2007


No, I'm not talking about who won/lost the State of Origin last night. Watching a bunch of overpaid gorillas chasing a ball around for an hour or so is not my idea of entertainment.

No, I'm talking about something much more important - the atrocious mark I received for my Government-Business Relations assignment. Today, guys and gals, is the first time in the history of my university career where I have received a credit! Yes, a credit!!! I am beside myself with shock. I have on the rare occasion, well, once, received a distinction, but it was so close to a High Distinction (note caps) I didn't feel I needed to redress it. But never before have I fallen into the pool of averageness that is a credit.

Of course this means war and you can bet I will be excersising my democratic right for an independant remark. I've made an appointment with my tutor for next week to "discuss" this gross act of unfairness. I ask you, how can an assignment that is written in the same style and structure as the multitude of HD assignments I have submitted over the past 4 years only receive a credit? It beggars belief. Not only that, but this is a first year subject as well, and the other two assignments I have received back to date are second year assignments and they got HDs!!! I mean, come on! Where's the consistency?

These are my tutor's comments, written in RED pen!
[my name], Good research, but poor essay structure. A better ability to paragraph would get you a much higher mark.

What the? Poor essay structure!?!? And yet only one red arrow in the body of the assignment to indicate where two paragraphs should be joined - nothing else. There is absolutely nothing wrong with my assignment structure - it meets every single criteria in the course outline. I will be very interested in hearing what he has to say in his defence next week, considering that he hasn't actually seen fit to define or explain what he means by "poor essay structure", or tell me what is wrong with the paragraph structure.

Not. Happy. Jan.


Kim said...

Sounds a bit rich to me Kitty!!!...and a pretty weak comment...You write so well!!!!
I'm not surprised though...
I remember when I failed 2 subjects at art school...yet came first in another...and all because I couldn't "explain" my art to the tutor..
good luck with your appointment!!!!

Kitty said...

Kim, I can't believe you failed 2 subjects at art school! Your lecturers need their heads read IMO. I hear that not explaining your art to the tutor is a common reason for losing marks - dosn't seem right to me.

Fair enough giving me a crap mark (despite the fact that no other tutor ever has) but at least he could explain in detail exactly why I was marked down.

Anonymous said...

Jeez, stop being such a bloody whinger.

Kitty said...

It's my blog and I'll whinge if I want to, whinge if I want to, whinge if I want to...