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Sunday, 20 May 2007

Ormiston Gorge - WIP 3

Some more work done on my other work in progress as well today. Now that 99.9% of my uni assignments are done and dusted, I am getting a lot more painting time in as well - at least until I have to start swotting for exams next week that is.

The brights in the photo are quite blown out, so the yellows in the rocks and the pale sky are not that bright at all. I think my camera was confused with the darks in the bottom half of the painting and over compensated for them. There is a bit of glare also as it is still wet.

I blocked in the water and sand with a mix of pthalo blue, burnt umber and titanium white, but the final result won't be this mucky grey. I need the sand to be cool though, so some blue/violet tones perhaps. The paler sand in the mid ground will be warm tones. The water will of course have reflections, which I am not looking forward to doing at all!

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