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Thursday, 3 May 2007

New Challenge

Australian Art Forum are having another art challenge and I have decided to participate again despite failing dismally at my previous challenge. That's OK though as it did get me out of my comfort zone for a little bit.

My next challenge is to attempt to paint more expressively and not concentrate on details. I actually hope to move away from a realistic style and paint more abstractly (is that a word?) while still painting landscapes and seascapes. I also hope to do at least one painting outside en plein air, at least start one anyway, if I finish it inside thats OK too. I'm going to be quite flexible with it all and see how it pans out.

My goal with this challenge is to train myself not to get so hung up with the little details of a scene, but to try and paint the essence of it, rather than replicate it from photos. I have found lately since trying to become more realistic and fussy, that I am not enjoying it as much. I have also found that I become more frightened about getting things wrong which deters me from experimenting with new techniques etc. So I want to chuck all that out and just paint what I feel and see, rather than worry about whether the painting looks like the photo, because really - who gives a shit?


Took these photos yesterday, and I liked them enough to post them here. The first one is Fatty having her morning nap with my boyfriend's computer mouse as a pillow. She loves resting her head when she naps and can usually be found sleeping on shoes, handbags, mobile phones and the like.

This second one is of the sunset we had last night. It's the first really spectacular sunset we have had all year, because usually there are no clouds to reflect the sun. It was overcast most of yesterday, so we got a really nice show. This was taken by leaning out of the front window and twisting around.


Sailor Girl said...

How cuuuute!!! A kitty sleeping on a mouse! LOOOOLLL!!!

Kitty said...

Ha! You should see her with a real mouse - she runs the other way and is absolutely useless at catching them.

Diva said...

Oh,poor thing. She is working too hard!

Anne said...

Good luck in the challenge. Hang in there with it because there is always something to be achieved along the way.

Lynda said...

Hey does that hard working pussy have a Work Place Agreement???

Cute photo... and the sunset - wow - amazing!!

Kitty said...

Hee hee, yes it is very hard work beating up Next Door Cat all day long, and she does need her beauty sleep LOL. We still have her on a union negotiated agreement Lynda, but that will change now. Like other bosses, I expect her to work all day for without any rest breaks or penalty rates!

Anne, I am looking forward to this challenge. Hopefully I'll get all my desert paintings done.