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Sunday, 13 May 2007

I've been tagged

Kim from Laketrees has tagged me for a meme, so I will do my best not to stuff it up. I have to list
1. Four of my favourite jobs
2. Four of my favorite local places
3. Four of my favourite foods
4. Four of my favorite international places and
four people who I am tagging.

Here goes...
Jobs: Beside my corporate HR career I've only had crap jobs, but in hindsight they were a lot more fun!
Night shift at McDonalds Cremorne drive-thru - A fun social atmosphere
Receptionist at Grafikstyles Pre-press services - great employer and cruisy job
Temping at various companies - no stress, no office politics, no hassles
Site secretary for Bovis Lendlease during the Warringah Mall redevelopment - another fun job with long Friday afternoon lunches, and lots of good looking construction workers ;)

Local places
Noosa - well worth the drive for the National Park, beautiful beaches and yummy restaurants
Stanthorpe - the best wines in the world!
Lamington National Park - a really great day trip in the rainforest.
Eckersleys art supplies in the City. I get lost in there for hours.

lamb - don't care how it is prepared, I love it
a nice thick juicy steak
any seafood except mussels
Japanese food

International places
Bay of Islands in New Zealand - lovely weather and scenery
Tongariro National Park (New Zealand)- a variety of landscapes and great tramping through over live volcanos
Santa Fe in New Mexico - a lovely arty place with beautiful desert scenery
Tofino in Canada - Unspoilt wilderness and coastal scenery (well it was unspoilt 14 years ago!)

The four lucky people I'm tagging are:
Diva from Diva Days in Melbourne
Lisa G from A Day in the Life of an Animal Portraitist in Canada
Sailor Girl from Atlantico Azul in Portugal
Lynda from Lulu's Bay in Syd-a-ney!

Have fun ladies!


Lynda said...

Ok that sounds like fun - I will take up that meme - thanks for thinking of me.

Kim said...

Hi Kitty
I bet the McDonalds drive through was fun!!!!
I've never heard of Lamington National Park...sounds very oz....ahhhh yes too!!!
Lucky you...Santa Fe and Canada.....two places on my wish list!!!!

Kitty said...

Lynda, I am looking forward to seeing what your fav foods are!

Kim, Maccas was a fun job - apart from the snotty North Shore mums in their Mercedes 4WDs who spoke down to you as though you were something nasty stuck to their Manolos. But we had our fun with them too hee hee!

Lamington Nat Pk is in the Gold Coast hinterland on the NSW/QLD border. Really beautiful bushwalking area.

Diva said...

OK I am in, but I'd better put my thinking cap on.

Sailor Girl said...

Well this is a noce surprise!!! I am very lucky indeed!!!!!
Just a question... What does meme mean?? (I am awfully ashamed not to know...)

Am I now supposed to take up the meme and post it in my blog??

Thank you!

Sailor Girl said...

A noce and a NICE surprise!!

Sailor Girl said...

Thanks, Kitty!!!
I have already answered your meme thing!!!!! he he he he !!!!