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Wednesday, 2 May 2007

10 Political figures and what I think of them

I wasn't going to participate in this topic, mainly because I don't think about politics very much despite studying a Politics subject at Uni this semester. These are my opinions only - no debate will be entered into either, so don't even try :D

1. John Howard (Australian Prime Minister). I don't like him for so many reasons - mainly his (lack of) policies on climate change and unfair workchoices legislation. I don't like the way he is slowly Americanising our health, education and industrial relations systems by stealth, when they are (were) some of the best public systems in the Western world.

2. Kevin Rudd (Australian Opposition Leader). I'm still not sure if I will vote for Kev in this year's election. It is tempting because he is my local federal member (I live in Greenslopes electorate), so it will be the only time I will ever actually get to vote for the Prime Minister, and I think he has more charisma than Howard, but some of Labour's policies are just watered down versions of Liberal policies and I am still not sure about their IR policies at all.

3. Peter Beattie (QLD Premier). I don't really have any strong opinion on Pete either way. I do think he needs to implement some policies to stop the rest of Australia immigrating to South East QLD though - at least until there are the resources and infrastructure to cope! He also needs to wean himself off the idea that we can keep damming productive farmland to supply our water needs.

4. Pauline Hanson. How could I not include her? I might get flamed thoroughly for this, but I didn't think her policies were all that bad at all, just misunderstood. I don't think she was a racist at all but I do think she was a victim of a very well thought out hate campaign against her because Howard could see how popular she was becoming and needed to cut her down quick smart.

5. Senator Bob Brown. I am unashamedly a "greeny" and I think he has done so much for getting the Greens in a position where they can make a difference. I will always vote Green for the senate because anyone with half a brain knows you can't have a robust economy without an environment.

6. George Bush - his foreign policies suck. End of story. He needs to start thinking of people from all religions/races/countries as human beings who share this planet, not as "collateral damage" to be eliminated in his quest to control the Middle East's oil reserves.

7. Princess Mary of Denmark. Australia's very own royal. OK, not a politician really, but what the hey. Who dosn't love Princess Mary? Now can we disassociate ourselves from that other (dysfunctional) royal family? Please?

8. Tony Blair. I don't really know enough about him to have a strong opinion, but he seems to be more flexible in his foreign policies than Bush or Howard. He is also the better looking out of the three ha ha!

9. Imelda Marcos. How can anyone want to own so many shoes? And her treatment of her people was horrendous too. Maybe that is why she went shoe shopping all the time - to get the taste of torture and whatever out of her mouth.

10. Arnold Schwartzenegger. From what news filters down to us here in OZ it's hard to figure out if he has any clue or not, but I love that "economic girly-man" phrase he used. He does seem to be very chauvenistic though.

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