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Sunday, 1 April 2007

Two Things

First thing

I had planned to go and visit the Gold Coast Art Expo today to check out local and perhaps no so local artists, and to check out the event itself with the view of actually being an exhibitor next year. Unfortunately, I totally forgot about it until late last night when I remembered that today was April 1st and I hadn't made enough progress on my uni assignment that is due in on Wednesday to be able to take the day off and make the trip down to the GC for the expo. If I had been more organised and prepared, I would have made sure I finished my assignment yesterday. As it is, I will be lucky to finish it by Wednesday, so no further slacking is allowed. Still, I do still intend to exhibit my work next year, providing I have a decent enough body of work by then and it is not too expensive to rent a stall.

Second thing

I am thinking of changing the name of this blog. There are a number of reasons for this; One, there seems to be a dearth of references to web sites with the terms "Kitty" and "Art", and I have no wish to be part of a crowd, especially on Google. Two, I am thinking about setting up my own proper website, and really don't want to call it Kitty Art for the abovementioned reason. I also want it to sound at least a little bit professional, and be unique in google searches. Three, the current name does not really fit my current works. I don't paint pet portraits or cats for a start nor am I affilliated in any way with Hello Kitty. In fact, the name Kitty was inherited from my previous blog and in my opinion is past it's use-by date.

So don't be alarmed when one day soon there is no more Kitty Art header. It will still be the same blog (unfortunately) and everything else will remain the same. Once I think of a decent name that is.

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