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Saturday, 14 April 2007

TV Gripe - Prison Break

Mmmmmmmmmmm, delicious

I don't write about television programs as a rule, mainly because I don't really watch all that much worthwhile TV and totally avoid any type of "reality" TV like the plague. However, I do love to watch Prison Break, if only for the fact that Michael Schofield (Wentworth Miller) is hot hot hot! Due to this fact alone, I have been able to ignore the obvious flaws in the plot (particularly the one where T-Bag carries his severed hand around for God knows how long then gets a vet to re-attach it and dosn't die of septecaemia/blood loss) and not question the impossibilities that have occurred so far.

However, after watching my taped episode of Prison Break last night, I can't ignore it any longer.

WTF is wrong with the writers of these shows!?!? I mean really, if you are going to go to all the trouble of making an interesting, exciting, edge of your seat TV drama, then surely it is not too much trouble to get off your fat arses and do some simple research. I'm talking about the episode where T-Bag "escapes" from being handcuffed to the heater in the empty house by somehow detaching his re-attached hand (which looks like something out of Dawn of the Dead by the way) then somehow making his way to a fancy hotel room looking like something thrown up by the sewer system and killing the ex-prison guard who is much larger than him and in possesion of both his hands. I mean come on! How stupid do TV people think we viewers are? You don't need a medical degree to know this is impossible for way too many reasons to list here.

Firstly, after ripping/cutting/ off his hand he would have bled out in about - oh less than a minute or so and died pretty much soon after that considering he would have had to sever a MAJOR ARTERY! Not to mention he would have passed out from the shock/pain and no way on earth would he have been able to leave the hand tucked neatly behind the heater - still in the handcuffs - in the 10 seconds he had available before the police burst into the room, all without spilling a SINGLE drop of blood. Let alone being able to stay alive/conscious for long enough to actually walk to wherever the fancy hotel is and kill a rather large able bodied man - all with one hand which by the way is holding the magical towel to the stump which obviously somehow not only soaks up litres of blood but manages to pump it back into his body, thus keeping him alive.

Man, that episode makes the original Star Trek episodes seem like reality TV. I think its time the Prison Break writers schedule a meeting with the writers of CSI, ER and Amazing Medical Mysteries. Or they could just have Schofield wear a lot less clothes...


Kim said...

Hi Kitty
Thanks for joining my art map....your work is great and you have a lot of talent!!

Kitty said...

Thanks so much Kim! I have a long way to go but having a ball along the way!

the domestic minx said...

What a brilliant synopsis of some very silly writing.
Love your blog!!!

jafabrit said...

I couldn't stop laughing at your description, let alone having to actually watch it :)

thanks for visiting my blog and I will have to try some dutch licorice (if I can find it at the international mart).

Kitty said...

Yes it is very silly writing hence the importance of having a super-hunky lead character who preferably wears as little as possible.

Jafabrit, you should be able to find Dutch licorice easily enough - we have it everywhere here. Look for Zout or Doublezout, but it is VERY salty so be warned. Black Cats are nice too - not as salty.

Mr Zip said...

The plot of PRISON BREAK has been ludicrous from the start, so stretching it to the impossible still hasn't spoilt it for me. I continue to suspend disbelief and revel in contemplation of WTF will happen next. Maybe it pays to have been a science fiction fan all my life.

Kitty said...

LOL I think a healthy imagination and the ability to ignore anything remotely unrealistic sure helps. Alas, I too am hooked and must get my weekly fix.