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Sunday, 8 April 2007

I know I'm a slacker...

I know I haven't posted hardly a thing for a few days now, but honestly, I'm up to my neck in research for an assignment that is due in next week, as well as studying for an exam I have next Monday. I guess that will serve me right for putting it all off until the last minute!

As you can see from the attached pic, I have finished my East MacDonnell Ranges painting. So that is one out of the way at least. I have had a small attempt at doing some more work on bikini girl, but it was rubbish and I have made the decision to just have the beach and ocean, with no bikini girl at all. Obviously, I'll need to change the name of it now... Painting people is one thing I am just no good at, and not interested enough in to practice and improve upon. I guess we all have our individual interests and at my stage of life I don't see any reason to do something I am just not interested in ie painting people. I do have some great ideas for future paintings though - and not landscapes either. Hopefully I will have some time to finish Ex-Bikini Girl next week depending how I go with this assignment.

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