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Friday, 27 April 2007

Clownfish - work in progress

This is the work I've done so far on my Clownfish painting. I managed to find some time yesterday to paint the anemone. At this stage, I think I will make the background lighter despite it being this colour in the reference photo. I'll wait until the fish are done though to make sure the colour is harmonious with both the fish and the anemone, probably a lighter more greeny blue. Below is a detailed photo of the fish. With such a dark background it is hard to get a decent photo.

In other news. I found out today that the MoneyPit needs a new hot-water system. I got my rates notices the other day and the house that has just been re-tenanted had water usage of 800 kilolitres per day which is way above the 140kl per person target they are trying to get everyone on due to extreme drought and Level 5 water restrictions here. As it turns out the hot water system and the shower head have been leaking for God knows how long while the previous dumb-arse tenants didn't do a thing about it or call the PM to get a plumber organised. I mean derrrrr! Who lets taps keep on dripping during a drought for Gods sake!?! Thankfully the new tenants have let me know (probably because they have no hot water). Anyway, it's going to cost me at least $950 for the new system + whatever it costs to install a water saving shower head and fix any other leaks. Thank God it is almost tax time and I can claim some of it back. And my car is in for a service today as well so hopefully that won't cost my other arm and leg!


Lynda said...

I enjoy seeing how you progress with your paintings - it is like a sneak peek into an artistic life. Really love the bikini girl that you put in - it changes the whole view and feel of the painting. Oh and scary thing is your view of your childhood heros would be about the same as mine...we must have watched the same TV shows! Gotta love Lindsey Wagner.

Kitty said...

Thanks Lynda. I enjoy posting my works in progress for that very reason. The journey is usually more interesting than the destination!

Yeah, those TV shows were great weren't they? I feel sorry for the kids today - no decent heroes around especially female ones.