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Friday, 20 April 2007

Cat Vomit Update

Thought I would do a quick update on my vomiting cat saga. It seems as though there are quite a few people out there in cyberland who have vomiting cats.

Since taking the continuous feeder away I have been letting Fatty (and my other cat) eat as much dry food as she wants in one sitting at breakfast time and as soon as she is done, I take the food away. I'll give her a bit more dry food at around lunch time and then for dinner they get tinned food and thats it for the day. So far so good - no more vomiting. It seems as though she dosn't eat very much in one sitting, she just has a lot of sittings during the day!

It's quite funny though - I keep the dry food in a small tupperware container on top of the fridge in between meals but one of the cats, I am inclined to think it was the skinny one because Fatty dosn't leave the ground very often, has been getting on top of the fridge and eating the food when I'm not around. Easily solved by putting a lid on the container although I have just found the container thrown (hurled?) onto the floor when I came home today.

So there you have it cat lovers. Before rushing your kitty off to the vet, first try cutting it's food down to see if overeating is the problem, but only if kitty is acting normal and healthy in every other way.


kellypea said...

I switched to paper bowls that can be thrown away because I think the other wasn't as clean. My fat one -- the "yack-star" hasn't been doing the hairball thing as much. Of course, now that I've mentioned it, she'll begin again!

Kitty said...

LOL - The Yack-star, great ncik-name. I keep their bowl pretty clean and wash it after every feed, so that was never an issue as much as her being a greedy fat pig.