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Monday, 16 April 2007

Bikini Girl :: Stage 4

Here is the current version of Bikini Girl. I decided that the painting does need a figure, but instead of a large figure in the foreground, I will put her in the surf as per my photoshop mock-up. There is still a lot of work to do on this, but it is getting there slowly. I think what I need to do is practise on smaller figures and slowly move up in size until I can paint the skin tones and shadows/highlights correctly.

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kellypea said...

Wow, you have really done some work on your blog since I last visited. It looks great!

Kitty said...

Thanks kellypea! I keep fiddling with the layout whenever I get bored. Think I might keep it like this for a while though.

Kim said...

hi Kitty
Your landscape is great!!! and the figure fits in have kept the form fairly simple...interested to see where you go from here...I find larger figures easier to paint than smaller figures....although miniature work is good for the

Kitty said...

Thanks Kim. I have done some more work on it since that photo and I am starting to like it a bit more ha ha.

I have only ever painted one other figure in my life before, so found it really hard to get a realistic skin tone on the large version - hence the dramatic scaling down to a smaller figure.

Sailor Girl said...

Hi! I think this version is really much nicer than the initial one! Keep on!!!