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Wednesday, 11 April 2007

10 on Tuesday - 10 High School Memories

I have subscribed to one of those blog things that people love to do. So this week it is 10 highschool memories...hmmm, not sure I can remember back that far!

First some background information. I went to Gladstone State High School in Gladstone QLD from year 8 in 1982 to year 12 in 1987. OK, here goes.

1. Being accused of plagarism by my Year 12 English teacher Mr Veith (yeah you still suck arsehole!!!)and subsequently getting a Low Achievement on my Senior Certificate. As you can see I have soooo gotten over it.

2. My year 12 formal (which we called the prom like in America for some unknown reason). My dress was a hideous ensemble of turquoise green satin with black lace and I had that Nick Rhodes short sides but boofy on top hairstyle and big plastic earrings. Well in my defence it was 1987...

3. Addidas sneakers - they were so in back then. You know - the simple black ones with the gum soles. I had to beg my mum from year 9 right through to year 11 before she finally baught me a pair.

4. The school musical. In year 11 and 12 we had a double period where we could pick an activity to do other than lessons and my "friends" conned me into joining the musical insisting that "you never have to actually do anything - its just a bludge for 2 hours on Fridays". Yeah right - that year they made EVERYONE be part of it and I ended up as Townsfolk #3 with a speaking part. Thanks guys.

5. Having thin thighs and long legs. Our school uniforms were really short and we used to roll up our skirts at the waist to make them even shorter. Don't know what the hell happened but they are long gone now.

6. Duran Duran. I got into trouble on the first day of year 9 science for discussing Duran Duran's live appearance on Countdown with the girl sitting next to me. My sister, a friend and I went and saw them live only 2 years ago when they toured here. They were still hot too and didn't look a year older than back in the 80's. Must have had a whole lot of makeup on to pull that off!

7. In year 8 when my science teacher Mr Wecker smashed a kid's head against a brick wall for mucking up in class. Of course it wasn't like blood and brains everywhere or anything, but it made him cry and we all were real well behaved after that. No juvenile delinquents at my school no siree.

8. Corkscrew perms. The less said the better I think. Everyone had one, except for me since I had short boy-hair.

9. The US Marines and Navy. In my senior year it was the first year of joint US and Australian military excersices in Shoalhaven and the US Navy stopped off in Gladstone on their way there. They used to pass our school oval and hang over the fence chatting up any girls within earshot and the teachers used to come running to chase them off and defend our chastity. Absolutely hilarious! Of course I now realise most of them were probably gay.

10. Just hanging out with my group of friends, one of whom I am still real close to even though we live far apart. Back then it was a lot less strict on underage drinking so we used to go to a nearby pub at big-lunch for rum and cokes.


Diva said...

That is a whole different world! Of course I was a few years earlier and in country Victoria. And one of 11 girls stuck in an all boy school. (said with a smirk)

Kitty said...

Bwahahahaha! I hardly even noticed the boys at my high school - talk about bogans!