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Sunday, 25 March 2007

When Graphic Designers Get Bored

During my usual morning internet surfing session I found this video on this blog. Definately worth a look IMO. When I lived in Sydney, I used to work in for a company that did the photoshop work for major advertising companies and the stuff they did with photoshop was amazing!

Being a die-hard KISS fan, I have to say, the Panda's are my favourite.


Anne said...

Hahahaaha. Very funny. I have posted a link to this on a forum that I belong to so I hope it brings you lots of new traffic.

Kitty said...

Thanks Anne, it sure has done that!

Shelly said...

Hi I really like your blog and was wondering if you would like to add it to my directory?

Thanks, Shelly

Lynda said...

Love that youtube clip - the music is fantastic - any idea what it is? I got a scare when I realised what was under the guy lying on the yacht!!!! woaaaaaaah! Great blog! Greetings from Sydney - weather is pretty ordinary're not missing much. cheers!

kylebeabo said...

Great video. Really cool.