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Monday, 12 March 2007

No Update Just Passing Time

Haven't done any work on my beach scene for 2 days now - it has just been way too hot to even think about painting, or anything else for that matter. The temperature yesterday apparently reached a high of 38 c, which means it probably got to about 45 c in the house and despite a forecast of 29 today, it has to be at least high 30's again. Don't know what that is in F for you overseas people - maybe 150? This is the one and only thing I miss about not working full time anymore (apart from the money of course) - no aircon!

Anyway, I'm at uni studying again today ("yeah obviously" I hear you say) but only because they have sweet sweet aircon and my boyfriend's house dosn't. Well it does in the bedrooms, but they are box units about 30 years old and can't cope with daytime heat over 30c so are pretty much useless.

Anyway, hopefully I might get to do some painting tonight when I get home so I can get the bloody thing finished.


Anonymous said...

Hard'n up girl

Kitty said...

Don't you go givin' me evils!