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Friday, 16 March 2007

New Toy!

With nothing more interesting to do today, I went shopping and purchased myself a new doo-dad - a cute little Canon PowerShot A710. I already have a camera of course, but it is so big and heavy I hate actually taking it anywhere, which sort of defeats the purpose I guess.

What I love about my new toy:

Light and easy to carry - can just slip it in my pocket; Discreet so as to avoid the "camera police"*; Image stability to stop the blurries; Can take lens attachments and additional lenses such as macro or telephoto; A range of manual functions for added creativity; Under $500.00 AUD so cheap cheap cheap!

and a whole lot more I haven't discovered yet.

One thing I don't like however, is the length of time it takes for the flash to recharge so you can take another pic - would be good if it were quicker.

Here is a test shot - compared to the other camera I have been using to take photos of my paintings (my boyfriend's ancient Canon IXUS), this one takes sharp and clear shots without the need to edit in photoshop, and which can be enlarged to A3 size without losing clarity. I'm pretty darn impressed I can tell you!

*anyone who agrees that taking photos in public is only done by terrorists or perverts and has vowed to put an end to this dangerous practice, ie surf life savers, security guards, and the Attorney General.


Diva said...

Wow. What a difference it makes and what a bargain you got! Well done.

Kitty said...

You would have no idea how hard it is to take a decent photo of a painting!

Anonymous said...

Yes I would, haa haaaa.
Love your blog!! What a cutie heading the page, looks fantastic.

I really like East-Mac ranges, and the beach is coming along beautiful.

I reckon the Canon will have your attention for a while now though :)

Lookin'good Nat.


Kitty said...

Hi Pam! Yep, I'm taking it with me everywhere I go in the hope of snapping something inspirational - some sunsets like you have would be good, but would you believe not a single cloud in the sky for the last few days :(

I had to put that cutie as a heading so I can look at it all the time ;)

LadyBanana said...

I have had that camera for a few months now and I love it.. always have it with me for that unexpected moment!

Kitty said...

Lady Banana, I do the same thing - just stick it in my pocket and take it with me wherever I go.