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Tuesday, 20 March 2007

My Visual DNA

I have seen these on a few blogs now, and though it looked interesting enough to do myself. The results are quite interesting, but I don't know how accurate they are, for example, it says: "When it comes to art you like to think you've got a good eye and some knowledge too..." Well that's a load of bollocks! I know what I like but as for knowledge, no way! Wonder what it would have said if I had picked the Mona Lisa..... Anyway, give it a go for yourselves, it's a bit of fun if nothing else.


Diva said...

Thanks Kitty. Good one. So hard to choose. I think I should do it again and pay more attention this time!

Kitty said...

I agree - it was especially difficult choosing between the cigarette and the fat hairy man for the gross category...

Sailor Girl said...


Sailor Girl said...

I've also created my visualDNA, which I found here yesterday.

Love your paintings!
As soon as I have some minutes free, I will link you at my blog Atlantico Azul, which has a label concerning Art.

The bikini girl painting is getting beautiful and I love the horses.

Love, from Sunny Lisbon!