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Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Mayday Challenge Update 2

Another productive day for me. I started to rework this piece after looking at it for the last day or so I could see what needed changing and what didn't sit well with me. Firstly, I cranked up my storm clouds by about 1000000% to make the weather look really ominous. The fact that it is a dark cloudy day today probably helped - it is difficult painting storm clouds when it is bright and sunny outside!

What I want to portray in this piece is the feeling of the children being so engrossed with their sandcastles they don't notice the weather (as is normal for kids). I intend to have the beach part still lit from the bottom left so it looks like it is still sunny in the west, with the storm coming in from the horizon. So far, I am only having trouble with the foam on the receding water, I don't know for the life of me how people can get it to look like foam on water but I will have to just keep trying.

I am starting to actually enjoy doing this piece - I really did think it would be a total drag at first, but the challenge is really fun (and educational too of course).

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