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Sunday, 4 March 2007

Mayday challenge - concept sketch

Here is the concept sketch for my first Mayday challenge painting. Recently, Mr Kitty and I had a long weekend at Yamba where I took lots of photos of people on the beach with the hope I would have something to paint. The first 2 or 3 challenge paintings will be based on these photos. As mentioned before, I can't paint/draw people realistically at all, and this sketch prooves it lol!

This painting will be based on a number of seperate photos I took, one of an afternoon storm coming over, the tide washing onto the rocks and lastly one of some kids making a sandcastle. My idea for this piece will be two children engrossed in building their sandcastle while an oncoming storm looms ominously on the horizon. I might yet add a third child standing in the water looking toward the others if I can find a good enough photo in my collection to use as a reference.

Now I have the idea down on paper, I will need to do some further sketches of the different components - mainly the children - and somehow get them on the canvas without mucking it up.

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