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Saturday, 10 March 2007

Landlord Blues

I had a phone call from my property manager yesterday. The tenants in one of my properties are giving notice after only 9 months. It's funny (well not really funny) how this particular house has had more tenants than I've had hot dinners in the time I've owned it, and yet my others all have the same tenants that were in when I bought them. I call it the Jinx House, because there is not one single reason I can think of why these tenants keep leaving after 6/9/12 months. Hey, I even put in airconditioning especially!

And not only is there a continual procession of tenants coming and going, but they all seem to be the destructive kind. I have had to do at least 3 times the maintenance on that property than on any other and each time has been due to the tenant's carelessness ie:- holes in the walls from door handles when doors slammed (this has happened twice by two seperate tenants despite those rubber door stop thingies), cigarette burns on brand new carpet (tenant had to pay for whole new carpet in that case ha ha), lino in kitchen had to be repaired because tenant couldn't be bothered moving their fridge properly and dragged it across the floor etc etc - sheer carelessness and inconsideration on their part, and yet as soon as they have an issue with anything, I make sure it is fixed pronto! It's not like I'm a slumlord after all. Hell, I even round-upped the "lawn" in the back yard so they wouldn't have to mow it.

Maybe this time around the PM will be able to get in some decent tenants who don't slam doors and stub their fags in my new carpet. If I'm lucky, I'll get more rent with the next lot and If I'm really really lucky, I'll get a tenant who sets the place on fire and burns it down to the ground... Holy development opportunity Batman - how did that happen? Still, it's not what I need right now what with being back at uni and not working - thank God there is a rental crisis! Rant over.

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