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Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Flavour of the Month - March :: Balsamic Glaze

Have you ever been to one of those really nice, modern restaurants where they offer a selection of breads for a starter? If you have, you may have been lucky enough to run into Balsamic Glaze. It is used with olive oil (extra virgin of course) as a dipping sauce for breads. What you do, or rather what the chef does, is put a small amount of Balsamic Glaze into one of those tiny ceramic bowls and then add olive oil to it. They seperate, so you have a bowl full of olive oil with this black stuff in the bottom. Just dip your bread in, making sure you get to the balsamic glaze and yummo - it is a real treat - a sweet/tart flavour that really compliments the richness of the olive oil and fresh baked bread.

After looking high and low for this stuff for simply ages, I finally came across it in Coles of all places (in the condiments aisle). Don't get it mixed up with the normal balsamic vinegar whatever you do, as they are two different things altogether. The glaze is thicker and much sweeter, while the normal balsamic is quite watery and vinegary. Make sure if you buy it that it is the thick stuff and not runny. This small bottle cost me around $8.00AUD and is well worth it - I've been having it on pretty much everything I cook apart from ice-cream.


Diva said...

Oh yum! Now I am drooling and it is not even breakfast time yet!

Kitty said...

This is the queen of condiments for sure - it would be perfect lightly drizzled on your strawberry and spinach salad, and most importantly - 0% fat!