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Monday, 19 March 2007

Firefox Users - Feedback Please!

OK, I have just gone back and edited all my previous posts on this page and I think I finally found the glitch that stuffed everything up for Firefox users. I think it all works allright now, but if anyone using Firefox comes across any glitches, can you please let me know.

Happy browsing!!!


S. Camille Crawford said...

Everything looks good on Firefox from my point of view. I'm using the latest 2.02

Cheers, the site looks great!


Kitty said...

Thanks Camille!

Sprite said...

It looks fine to me from here too. What was the glitch? Love that eye color against that black! :)

Kitty said...

thanks Sprite - it turned out to be the "pre /pre" tags I was using in my post template to keep my pics and text where I put them. Got rid of them and now everything seems fine.

Laura said...

It's wide but not to the point of scrolling. Looks great with FF from here. :)