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Wednesday, 14 March 2007

East Macs WIP 4

I've done some more work on my East Macdonnell Ranges painting today, because I just can't get motivated to do any further work on my Mayday Challenge one. I need to put it aside for a while I think, despite the timeline. Anyway, I have added some trees/shrubs and started on the first layer of the spinifex. The vegetation looks bluer in the photo than it is in the actual painting but it is still too blue.

I have found that lately, in the past few days or so, I am less and less motivated to paint, or in fact to do much else either. I am seriously the laziest person on this planet (just ask my ex-boss) and the worst procrastinator ever. I know I've got to do work on my uni assignments, but I keep putting it off, and then I say, well do some work on those paintings, and I keep putting that off as well. I am spending way too much time on the internet which is sucking out any motivation I might have to actually get off my arse and do something useful.


sylvie d said...

Hi Kitty, I have just added your blog on Fuelmyblog, your work is fantastic, very magical! My dream is to come over one day and catch the light! Love the "work in progress" idea too.
Take care


Kitty said...

Thanks Sylvie, glad you like it! It is my dream to visit France one day too.

A's Journey said...

Huuu.. tell me! If i keep procastinating my master thesis... ups!

I would like to see your final painting, keep working! If you are painting landscapes, could be a good idea to go and see more of those kind of places. So you can relax also ^ ^

Take care!

Kitty said...

Thanks a,

All my landscapes are actually painted from photos I have taken while on holiday, so the relaxing is usually over when I start painting. Another holiday once I finish is probably a good idea though!