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Thursday, 22 March 2007

Bikini Girl - Stage 1

Added the first stage of the background. The sky I will make much brighter in the final work-over as it looks a bit dull, and of course the sand will be much lighter. Not much else to explain really - I thought about maybe adding a figure in the surf or something out in the ocean, but probably won't as I don't want to specify what my figure is looking at - I'll let the viewer wonder about it instead.

I hope to do the next stage either tomorrow or on the weekend if I have time. I have two assignments due next week and a couple of lunch appointments with friends I haven't seen since I left work, so I will be short on painting time :(

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Sueblimely said...

Hi from a fellow Aussie,

I came across your blog via FuelMyBlog and MyBlogLog.

I am very impressed with your work. Thanks for sharing it on here.

Kitty said...

Thanks Sueblimey, it's good to know all the effort and strife with registering my blog on various directories is paying off.

Sailor Girl said...

Thanks, Kitty!
I am trying to write both in portuguese and English languages!!!
But time is something rare...
As soon as I link you and write a post about you, I'll warn you.
Love, from Sunny Portugal to Beautiful Australia!!!