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Saturday, 3 March 2007

Australian Art Forum Mayday Mayday Challenge

Hello all, This morning I subscribed myself to the Australian Art Forum's Mayday Mayday challenge. Because I can't paint people or water worth a damn, my challenge is to complete 5 paintings that include both people AND water, are realistic in style, (ie no stick figures or blue wavy lines) and must be larger than 14" x 18" by 1st May 2007, only 2 months away! I will be updating this blog regularly with the works in progress. In addition, I hope to have at least one non-landscape painting, but that's not a given. I will still complete my current work in progress, which does not fit the criteria unfortunately, and start on some concept sketches today, which I will post here as well, just so people know I'm serious and to stop me from piking out ha ha!

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