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Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Work in Progress - Crimson Frangipani

I have decided to post works in progress as I paint them since it takes such a long time for me to actually finish a painting. Once I finish work, I hope to be able to spend an hour or two every day painting, and get them finished much quicker. At the moment, I can only paint on weekends and I like to do each "layer" at a time and let it dry before continuing - very time consuming! Anyway, this painting is of a frangipani tree that I pass most afternoons on my walk. The flowers are (will be) a bright red/crimson and absolutely stunning. There is quite a lot of work left to go with this one but I hope to finish it this weekend.


hummingbird sky studio said...

like your paintings kitty. Frangipani tree is looking really good as it is.

Kitty said...

Thanks hummingbird.

It is almost done now. I hope to post the completed painting tomorrow fingers crossed.

Diva said...

You are very talented. I will be watching this work in progress with interest and envy.