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Wednesday, 28 February 2007


I received an email from a visitor to my blog who liked my kitty icon so I thought I should introduce Fatty. I got Fatty from the RSPCA a few years ago when she was two and brought in as a stray. She was so cute and when I walked past her cage she looked me right int the eyes and miaowed as if to say "Take me home, you know you want to" I just had to rescue her then and there big sook that I am. In fact I'm such a sook I rescued a neurotic pure-bred oriental at the same time, much to Fatty's continuing disgust. Anyway, Fatty moved right in and made herself at home by beating up Freaky (the oriental) and has pretty much ruled the house since then. In the past few years she has about doubled her bodyweight and has made it her mission to bash up any cat that is unfortunate to live next door to us. Yes, I'm afraid Fatty is a bit of a bogan, in hindsight I should have named her Shazza. When she is not bashing up the neighbours' cats she is either sleeping or eating or vomiting on the carpet. My boyfriend forgives her every transgression though and has made it clear that if we break up, he gets custody. Here are a few pics of Fatty in her usual sleeping position. The first one is with her "blanky" a piece of carpet mat that both my cats love to sharpen their claws on and play fight with and the second is her relaxing next to the couch. She will always sleep on her back with her legs spread all over the place - very ladylike indeed.


Diva said...

What a great cat! We have the male version of Fatty - known as Fruitcake.

Kitty said...

LOL - he's not a ginger by any chance is he?