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Monday, 8 January 2007

Uluru Safari - October 2006

All the photos below were taken with a Fuji Finepix camera on auto setting. The Olgas Taken from the sunset viewing area in the 5 minutes of sunshine that day. Honestly - hard to believe this country is in drought as it seems to rain whenever I want to photograph a stunning sunset! There was some manipulation of layers and curves with this image to give a boost to the dull foreground colours and improve contrast. West MacDonnell Ranges Taken from a rest stop on the Mereenie Loop Track on the way to Glen Helen Gorge. I think it looks like a painting by Albert Namatjira. Gosse Bluff Crater Taken from the viewing lookout on the Mereenie Loop Track again on the way to Glen Helen Gorge. While it looks like a pretty grassy area, the grass is in fact spinifex which is like long needles and impossible to walk in unless you are wearing thick pants and sturdy boots. Dead Tree - Ayers Rock This was taken on the walk around the Rock. Although it rained the night before - this day was bright and sunny. This photo has not been manipulated at all apart from cropping - the colours are really that contrasty! Kings Canyon Again, this was taken in a brief spot of morning sunlight coming through the cloud cover. The colours of the rock are bright in the sun, but actually very dull when it is cloudy. Palm Valley Badlands This was taken at the lookout on the road to Palm Valley. The light is pretty bad, but the rock formations reminded me of old western movies. I fully expected Clint Eastwood to come riding out at any time.

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