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Monday, 8 January 2007

Tasmania April 2006

Port Arthur Penitentiary Taken through the window of the harbour cruise boat during a spontaneous burst of sunshine on a rainy day. The original photo was quite bland, so I had to do some cropping and manipulation with layers in Photoshop to bring out the warmth of the sandstone. Dove Lake (with Cradle Mountain in the background) This photo was taken at the start of the Dove Lake walk. Although it had been very misty and snowing even during the shuttle bus ride to the car park, it magically cleared away almost instantly once we got there. Cataract Gorge Park - Launceston This was taken in the gardens in Launceston - again it was raining but it reminded me of the grand old gardens in New Orleans with the foliage and mist. Cascade Brewery The Cascade Brewery building in Hobart lit up at night. This (like the others) was taken with a Canon Ixus snappy snap camera.

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