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Monday, 8 January 2007


Before I post some new photos that I took on my way too short trip to New Zealand, I will re-post some photos that were on my now defunct (ie deleted) photography blog. Ill start with some miscellaneous photos that were taken last year... Chinese Lanterns These were taken on Budda's birthday last year at Southbank in Brisbane. A really lucky shot, since it was pretty windy at the time. Sandgate Pier

Taken one evening at dusk just as the lights came on. I mean to do some photos at sunrise one morning, but it is such a long drive from my house and I find it hard getting out of bed so early on the weekends


I really wanted to do a photo that was almost white all over, I nicked an orchid from the flower arrangement at work and with a bit of manipulation (lightening) this is the result.


Pam said...

The photos are beautiful! Pier is something I would hang on the wall, and the orchid is clever and unusual..(memo about to go out about anon flower thief :))
Ur paintings are good to look at...almost a unique-Oz style-impressionist-aboriginal touch...r they water color? I promise I'm not stalking u, am just a photography/art nut..Pam

Kitty said...

Thanks Pam, Glad you like my photos. I really enjoy taking them.

My paintings are in oils, which I enjoy more than any other medium, but still find quite difficult to paint in. I think my style will probably change to become more stylised and simplistic even though I would love to be able to paint photorealist works.