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Sunday, 24 December 2006


I recently had a few weeks off work and to stave off boredom I went and bought some paint and other art gear and did a few small paintings. Since high school (too many years ago to count) I have only done one painting, which is not too bad but won't be shared here... That was two years ago as well, so really it has been a long long long time since I picked up a brush other than while renovating of course. Now, my "thing" is photography, which I really enjoy, but I felt inspired for a change and here is the result. My personal thoughts are that they are quite amateurish, but it is to be expected after such a long time away from painting. Hopefully I will continue to improve and remain inspired. This is a painting of the Olgas or Kata-Tjuta done from a photo I took on a recent trip to Alice Springs. I'll post all my photos back up here once I get back to work in mid Jan. SOLD This is looking over a clifftop at Bryon Bay on the way to the lighthouse. I took a few liberties with the vegetation as it was really just boring grass. This is one I did of a Greek church taken from a magazine. I don't mind this one so much, as it makes me want to go on holidays to somewhere exotic and sundrenched. I'm off to New Zealand shortly for a few weeks, and hopefully will have some photos that are worthy of posting, and which inspire me to keep painting.

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